About us

Escape Room Reviews is a site by two best friends, lexi and pyko. We grew up on puzzles and brainteasers, so we love nothing better than a good escape room. We think this trend is one of the more exciting things to happen to pop culture, and we'd love to be your guides!

If you don't know what an escape room is, or want to see read us having a Q&A with ourselves, check out the FAQ!


lexi grew up on the Monkey Island and Indiana Jones games (LucasArts FTW!) but somehow managed to miss falling into geekdom until much later. She still has a lot of catching up to do! She loves a good puzzle and those ‘ah-hah!’ moments that make you feel smart. She does most of the writing for the site, while pyko does the actual work.

When she’s not locked up in escape rooms, she’s generally locked up in her bedroom in the hopes of finishing edits on The Next Great Fantasy Novel.


pyko is a sucker for good design, both in games and out. Show her a clean, responsive website or an elegant puzzle, and she’s drawn like a moth to a flame. Actually, she’s drawn to flames regardless, but that’s a completely different matter (burn, geography books, burn!).

When she’s not preventing lexi from doing something fatally stupid, she’s working on indie games. She’s still dreaming of her magnum opus, but needs to find her one true puzzle mechanic first. You can check her stuff out here!