Break The Code

Break The Code is a group that has rooms themed around famous franchises (with one exception), such as Indiana Jones, Lost, Harry Potter, etc. We won't comment on the legalities, but will say that the not-so-great photoshopped posters for the rooms put us off because they made us think of a badly-done imitation. We're glad we went, though!

The lobby is quite basic, with a colourfully lit counter by the door and a couch at the other end. The staff were strictly professional, and while we had no complaints, it was a different feel from the places where the staff are super-passionate about puzzles.

At the end of the escape (or rescue, in our case!) your group is given a photo as a souvenir, which is a nice way to end your experience.

They also have one 'room' which is outdoors. It sounds like a different experience, but we haven't tried it yet!