Exitus Escape Room (by Strike Bowling)


Strike Bowling. You'd think they were about, well, bowling, right? It turns out that apart from bowling (and karaoke, and laser tag), some Strike venues also run escape rooms. There's one in Sydney and one in Melbourne, though we have (well, lexi has) only been to the Melbourne one so far. Rumour has it Escapism will be opening in Brisbane soon, too!

The location is exactly what you'd expect from Strike Bowling. Bowling alleys, a bar, and the main counter where they handle everything. The bar's a pretty good place to wait for everyone to arrive! They don't have lockers, so if you have a bag you'll have to bring it with you, though they confiscate your mobile phones beforehand and store them in a small locked box.

It's certainly an interesting location for an escape room. The music Strike normally blares over the loudspeakers was relatively quiet when we went (a Sunday afternoon) but I can only imagine what it must be like inside when they're really pumping it out in the evenings!