InsideOut Escape Games

InsideOut Escape Games is nestled in what looks like quiet suburbia, amongst a group of shops underneath an apartment building. On our first visit, there was a sign on the front door that informed us we would be fetched inside five minutes before our session was due to start. We suspect it’s because they were only just opening up for the evening.

The main lobby is decorated with all kinds of knick-knacks, lending it a quirky, retro feel. We especially loved the wall of lit-up video cassettes! The warm wood panelling lends it a comfortable, homey feel (pyko says: I thought it felt not so much homey as a staging room for an escape room, but maybe my mind was already primed).

The hosts are friendly and welcoming, and play to the room themes right from the first greeting (also, “Payment first, because you might not come back from where you’re going!”). They’re passionate about what they do, and it shows. They are also very accommodating, and were willing to come in for an additional slot when they heard we were only in Finland for a limited amount of time.