Next Level Escape

Next Level Escape is one of Sydney's newest escape rooms. They currently have a single room, but there's a difference - it's only fifteen minutes long and will be changed every few months (full-length rooms to come).

Disclaimer: We were invited to be one of the early testers for their 15-minute Blitz room, so their main rooms are still under construction and the lobby is very sparse. (We did get cookies and tea!)

They are located on the second floor of what looks to be an ordinary office building in Sydney. As it wasn't a work day, we called them and they came downstairs to pick us up.

Both Daniel and Aaron are incredibly passionate about puzzles. They were willing to discuss the rooms and mechanics with us after, as well as provide a behind-the-scenes tour. It's clear a lot of thought (and blood, and sweat, and tears) goes into every one of their puzzles and room.