Social Escape Rooms

Social Escape Rooms is a new independent escape room in Sydney, Alexandria. It's located in a building set in from the street a bit, and can be easily missed if you're not looking carefully (but you'll regret it if you do!). The reception is split into two areas - the main desk where most things are managed, and a simple lounge room to the side where players are briefed (and in the case of corporate events, can mingle). 

The rooms are well-themed with innovative puzzles and some amazing ah-hah moments. You can tell that the owner, Mark, puts a lot of love and care (and some impressive schema modeling and data collection) into this place. He's also the puzzle designer, builder, electronics whiz and programmer. 

The place may look unassuming before you get to the rooms, but the rooms are what counts - and oh boy, you'll be counting for days to come.