The Enigma Room

It took us a little while to find The Enigma Room the first time we went. It’s on the top floor of a colonial-style office building in the centre of the Sydney CBD. You need to be buzzed in, and there’s a listing of all the companies in the building—Enigma Room’s has no text, just their logo. The first time we went, we hadn't seen their email containing detailed instructions on how to get there, so it was like the first puzzle to solve!

Their lobby is incredible. There’s a coffee table that’s also an arcade console full of retro games, and atop that sit a variety of different puzzles. The first time we went, we arrived almost an hour early and easily kept ourselves entertained till it was our turn. There’s also water, and, rumour has it, other drinks in the fridge. There are lockers for your bags in one corner and a comfy couch.

The hosts are friendly, talkative, and very, very passionate about not just puzzles but geek culture in general. We had a great time chatting with them and they were more than happy to answer our questions