10 Sep 2016

Disclaimer alert (Also: lexi got a new job!)

tl;dr - lexi is now working with the amazing duo behind the Next Level Escape outfit in Sydney! But reviews are continuing!

We've always wanted to be very open about how and why we review escape rooms, as well as flag any potential bias in our reviews. So we're letting you know that lexi is now working with Next Level Escape, a new escape room outfit in Sydney. 

This came after our review of their Game of Thrones Blitz Room, so you needn't fear any bias there. We'll be continuing with business as usual when it comes to reviews. We still love escape rooms a lot and hold by our original principle that quality is incredibly important when it comes to introducing more people to the concept of escape rooms. Of course, we'll be watching closely for any bias, and lexi will NOT be involved in any further reviews of the Next Level Escape rooms.

It's all about ethics in escape room journalism, don't you know? ;)

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