by Escape Club

Fell behind the second time of opening the door, a fading shadow, combination, projection, reversal, numerous and endless.

The truth engraved behind the door, which is the whinny of silence. Never let you go within my heart, never embrace me with your love.

From the Escape Club website


The room has a time limit of 60 minutes and we got out with a lot of time to spare, though we can’t be sure how much. There were no countdown or time warnings, or even anyone to inform us of our final time at the end. We completed it with three people.

If you can’t tell, we weren’t at all impressed with this particular escape room. We should have been warned, traipsing up the old wooden stairs to a very basic corridor from which the rooms opened off. Then again, you do learn not to judge a room by where its housed.

Unfortunately, this particular room differed little to its cover. We weren’t even given any kind of introduction to set the scene. A staff member simply rattled out the rules and important points (the key is taped to an envelope behind the door, this is the number to call for hints). Then they left, locking the door behind them, and that was it.

A quick search revealed the first clue, and opening that lock led to the next, and the one after that. It was a very linear progression where the main aim was simply to find the combination for the next lock until we got the key to open the door. As you can guess, this got repetitive very quickly. There were some variations in the puzzles to solve in order to get the combination, but nothing particularly difficult or ingenious. Certainly none of the puzzles provided that “Ah-hah!” moment. There was also one particular puzzle that simply didn’t work despite our best attempts and knowing exactly what we had to do. In the end, with a little neck-craning, we managed to work out the part of the lock combination we needed anyway.

There was a basic attempt at a theme and backstory, but they had little to do with the puzzles. The room didn’t have much of an atmosphere either, especially not the mysterious one the room description hinted at. It was simply a room where we went from puzzle to puzzle until we got the key for the door.

Even the finish was an anti-climax—we found the key, unlocked the door, walked out to see there was no one around and then made our way to reception to check if we needed to do anything else (we did not).

Hint system

Shocking, nearly non-existent. Call a number (reception, we suspect) and ask for help. Hope you have a mobile!


Simple. Even someone with no experience should be able to complete this.


None required

What we liked

Leaving the place (we had a pretty good dinner afterwards!)

Walking into the room and seeing it tipped on its side. Oh, and walking out that door!

Our recommendation

If you want a memorable escape room experience, try the many others in Sydney.

Visited on 28 Feb 2015 by lexi, pyko and friend

At a glance

An escape room that felt more like an organisation jumping on the escape room bandwagon. Cheaply done and uninspired with mostly repetitive puzzles that don’t pose much of a challenge.




  • Room décor was unique
  • Attempt at a backstory


  • Repetitive, simple puzzles—find the combination to open the lock
  • The ‘hint system’ is a phone number to call and there is a limit to the number of hints
  • Room is not monitored at all
  • Single room only

You will like this if...

  • Hard to say. Perhaps if you want a very, very simple and straightforward experience with little challenge.
  • If you go at the right time, you can do this room for only $18

You might not like this if...

  • You want a well-designed escape room that looks and feels cohesive and polished
  • You want a variety of challenging puzzles

Recommended number

One to two people. The room is small and we can’t imagine you’d need much more people to solve the puzzles anyway.