Dinner Party

by Escaperoom

You are invited to the Dinner Party but you don't know who the host is. Why are you here?

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Dinner Party


Dinner Party is one of the rooms by EscapeRoom.fi, with a time limit of 60 minutes. We completed it with two people.

The story started with a briefing from the hosts, who gave a brief backstory about receiving an invitation to a mysterious dinner party. We were led inside to a medium-sized room with a large screen on one wall, and played an introductory video to set the mood, before the countdown started.

There was no obvious starting point, the expectation clearly being that we should start exploring the room ourselves and making the necessary connections between clues and locks. Not all of the locks were your obvious combination or directional locks, which meant the room had a high “Ah-hah!” factor. Not all the clues were clearly linked to a particular lock, which added another layer of puzzling to the mix.

The room also had a wide variety of puzzles beyond the standard “find the key or combination to this lock” type. Even seasoned veterans will likely be pleasantly stumped and surprised by some of the solutions.

The theme was also excellently portrayed through the props and the set-up of the rooms. The music playing the background added to the slightly creepy atmosphere and we found ourselves fully immersed (to the point of jumping in fright on one or two occasions). That said, the story was quite basic beyond the initial set-up, and we did feel it could be fleshed out a bit more in terms of backstory and character background.

We also appreciated the clear countdown clock that let us know just how much (or little) time we had left. And if you’re a bit of a narcissist, you get a gratifying round of applause each time you solve a puzzle.

We managed to complete the room with about two minutes to spare, though we did get a few hints along the way. This puzzle room is a must-do if you’re in Helsinki!

Hint system

Excellent. Hints appear with a soft chime on the screen in the room, and you are constantly monitored so the hints are specifically for you. The hints are somewhat obtuse so as not to spoil the puzzle for you, but still helpful enough to ensure you progress.


Challenging. You need to think outside the box for some puzzles where the answer isn’t readily obvious in the form of an actual lock.


None really, but it would help if you knew your way around the kitchen!

What we liked

I loved one particularly unexpected result after we solved a major puzzle.

I loved one particular puzzle that produced a nervous-squeal-inducing ‘ah-hah!’ moment.

Visited on 01 Apr 2015 by lexi and pyko

At a glance

An inventive, atmospheric room with a wide variety of puzzles. We wouldn’t recommend it to a group who is doing their first escape room, but more experienced escapees will love this.




  • Inventive and surprising puzzles
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Enthusiastic and knowledgeable hosts
  • Great hint system


  • Backstory could be more fleshed out

You will like this if...

  • You want variety in your puzzles and like thinking your way through seemingly unconnected elements
  • You like a slightly spooky atmosphere and enjoy elements of surprise

You might not like this if...

  • You like linear progression in your games
  • You’re easily scared

Recommended number

Two to three people, otherwise you’ll probably end up with too many people working on a puzzle at the same time.

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