Game of Thrones (Blitz Room)

by Next Level Escape

You’ve read the books, you’ve watched the series, and finally it’s your turn. Night gathers and now your watch begins…

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Game of Thrones (Blitz Room)


Dislaimer: We were provided with a free game to beta-test and provide a review.

We were greeted by our game master Daniel in style. He greeted us in the lobby of the building dressed in a Jon Snow cape, and provided instructions as though we were members of the Night Watch. He stayed in character and explained the rules in theme as he took us up the elevator and into the lobby proper.

We were instructed to close our eyes as we were led into the room, and the game began. The room decor matched the theme perfectly. There were innovative uses of everyday items for some of the props that we really admired.

There were a wide variety and number of puzzles and it was easy to forget you only had fifteen minutes. (lexi: To me, it felt like I'd been in there at least half an hour when time ran out; pyko: I forgot it was only fifteen minutes until I heard the music signalling time was nearly up). The use of technology was very smart and played into the theme while enhancing the puzzles and narrative. The smart way Next Level Escape employed their technology unintrusively reminded us of In Memoriam by The Enigma Room.

If you're worried that you're not going to get your money's worth because the room is only fifteen minutes, we can assure you there is a lot packed in. There are two main objectives to fulfil, and with a small group it will be a stretch to complete all the puzzles.

It may sound like we're raving about this room because it was free, but we honestly feel that this could be one of our all-time Sydney favourites. It's clear that a lot of thought and love has been put into the puzzles and in bringing the room together. There is the same attention to detail that we see in all our favourite escape rooms (like The Blocks by Inside Out Escape Games). If this room is a sign of things to come, we're super excited for the full-length rooms.

Hint system

As this is a fifteen-minute room, there are no hints.


The puzzles are average difficulty, but the time limit means you may not finish them all if you're not efficient.


None required

What we liked

Even though it was only 15 minutes, I got the same hit of adrenaline and puzzle-solving satisfaction as a full escape room. Also, tech that enhances the puzzles instead of being there to show off.

Completing one of the objectives in the room - I'd nearly forgotten about it, but the way it was executed was fully in-theme and a lot of fun.


Visited on 14 Aug 2016 by pyko and lexi

At a glance

A well-themed escape room experience condensed into 15 intense minutes.




  • The 15-minute time limit that still encapsulates a classic escape room experience
  • A wide variety of puzzles with no obvious locks
  • Excellent theming (GoT fans will have a blast, no prior knowledge required for non-GoT fans)


 (Note: We were testers so the room is still being polished)

  • GoT fans may make certain connections more easily
  • One particular puzzle could be worded better

You will like this if...

  • You like Game of Thrones
  • You have limited time but want an escape room fix
  • You enjoy a wide variety of non-linear puzzles

You might not like this if...

  • You want your escape rooms to last for the standard hour (give and take a bit)
  • You hate Game of Thones with a flaming passion

Recommended number

Two to three people. There are plenty of puzzles but the room is pretty small in size, so any more and it feels crowded.