Missing Missy

by Solve and Unlock

Missy has gone missing! You haven't seen her at the Puzzle Club meetings or at school. You go visit her house with the Puzzle Club team to check up on her. However, it appears that no one has been at home... for awhile.

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Missing Missy


Missing Missy has a time limit of 60 minutes. We completed it with 5 people with 10 minutes to spare.

The backstory was very simple. One of your classmates is missing and you must try and find out what happened. But the moment the door of the room closed behind us, it was very easy to forget where we were and imagine ourselves in a luxurious manor house. Bookshelves, paintings, panelled walls and even a bust on a table—all the imagined trappings from old mystery novels were there. Even moving from one room to the next was quite an experience.

The five of us split up to thoroughly explore the room, and we discovered the main goal of the first room after a quick examination. Some of the puzzles had ingenious solutions, though on the whole the room stuck to the tried-and-true formula of “find the key or combination”. In addition, one of the puzzles could be brute-forced quite easily and another got stuck partway through which required the host to come in, fix it and reset it, which didn’t help the immersion.

Most clues were clearly connected to the appropriate lock, so it was more a matter of solve puzzle, unlock lock, move on. That said, there was variety to the puzzles so it didn’t get dull or repetitive, and they linked to the overall theme.

There are also a number of red herrings, which did spice up the experience as you could never be sure if something was an actual clue or not. The only issue we had was with the hand-held lighting, which could be temperamental at times and would turn on and off seemingly at random. (That said, I understand their choice and it fit perfectly into the story!)

The rooms had background music and creepy sounds, which set up the atmosphere nicely, and the final room fleshed out the titular “missing Missy” rather well. The final puzzle to open up the exit isn’t your typical lock, either.

There is no countdown clock in the rooms, and no warning about how much time you have left. There is a timed part at the end, but you are only told that you have until a certain event to open the final door—and it’s not obvious just when that event will happen.

Overall, Missing Missy was a fun, solid puzzle room which everyone in the group enjoyed greatly.

Hint system

Hints are provided through a walkie-talkie, as many as you want or need. You are constantly monitored so the hints are specifically for you and you'll also be notified if you're on a completely wrong track. The hints gently nudge you in the right direction without giving the solution away.


Average difficulty. There isn’t much in the way of hidden or surprising locks or reveals, so as long as you’re ready to put your puzzle-solving hat on, you’re good to go.


None required

What we liked

The cloak-and-dagger feel of one particular puzzle, and the amped-up tension at the end from the background music and sounds.

Opening the entrance to the second room and actually going through—the atmosphere was deliciously spooky.

Visited on 07 Feb 2015 by lexi, pyko and friends

At a glance

A solid, enjoyable room escape that’s well-decorated with a good variety of puzzles and immersive atmosphere, but no big, memorable “Ah-hah!” moments.




  • Multiple rooms to get through
  • Entry and exit are through different doors
  • Rooms are well-decorated to theme, and very atmospheric
  • Variety of puzzles


  • The lights provided can be temperamental
  • One of the puzzles got stuck and had to be fixed and reset
  • One of the puzzles can be easily brute-forced

You will like this if...

  • You love the atmosphere of English manors that tend to pop up in old mysteries

You might not like this if...

  • You get claustrophobic easily (one of the rooms, at least, is quite small and squishy) and are afraid of the dark

Recommended number

Four to five people. It would be a bit too squished with more. Any less, and you might not get through all the puzzles in time.

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