Paris Escape

by Social Escape Rooms

You are on holiday in Paris, staying in the most beautiful hotel. Your holiday is finally approaching the end and you are preparing to leave. You must depart for the airport in one hour, however you cannot locate your passport or your plane tickets!


Can you find your tickets and escape to the airport in time?

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Paris Escape


The Paris Escape room is unique in several ways:

  • It is an excellent beginner’s room
  • It features many more puzzles than an average escape room
  • It can be played solo

It is very hard to find an escape room that beginners can play. Normally, I recommend that beginners start their escape experience by doing a room with more experienced players. The Paris Escape room, however, is ideal for a team of escape room beginners. This is enhanced by the quality of the gamemaster, who is continually watching, listening and offering hints as necessary.

The room features around 20 puzzles, which is more than a normal escape room. Fortunately, most puzzles are fairly simple. Iconic hints also assist, such as showing coin icons on a bag where coins are somehow involved in unlocking the bag. This all helps beginners figure out what they should be doing.

Experienced escapers can also enjoy this room because, unique amongst all other rooms, it can be played solo. This is a true test of an escaper’s abilities because they can directly compare their results directly against another solo player.

Talking of comparing results, Social Escape also has another unique offering -- each team receives a printed timeline showing their progress throughout the escape. These timelines show how the team performed against the average of other teams.


Escape Timeline

 (Actually, this is a timeline from their other room, Baker Street Mystery.)

The storyline is that you have had a lovely honeymoon in Paris and in one hour you must depart for the airport. Unfortunately, you cannot find your tickets or passports, so you must investigate the room so that you can leave on time. 

The room itself is beautifully themed, staying true to the Paris theme. Items used throughout the room relate directly to Paris and its tourist aspects and there is even a fake Parisian view out the window. A specially-timed soundtrack adds atmosphere to the room.

We played as 1 experienced + 2 beginners, which worked well. We completed the game in 40 minutes without hints and had a blast!

Hint system

Rooms at Social Escape use the Voice of God system where the gamemaster is always listening. If you want a hint, just raise your voice and ask. The gamemaster is continually tracking progress for the printed timeline, so they are continually aware of the team’s progress and can offer appropriate hints.


This is an ideal room for beginners. If you don’t have any experienced friends who are willing to take you to an escape room, then this should be your first room.

Experienced players can also enjoy this room as 1-2 players.


Everything you need to know is in the room. Even if it isn’t obvious.

What we liked

The theming, music and quantity of puzzles was great. The gamemaster, Mark, was friendly and delighted in showing us his handiwork.

Our recommendation

New escapers should definitely do this room. Experienced players should try it solo!

Visited on 09 Sep 2017 by John & Friends

At a glance

Probably the best (only?) beginners' Escape Room in Sydney! Send your newbie friends here so the can skill-up and join you in other rooms. Also good fun for a small team of experienced players.




  • Great for beginners
  • Can be played solo
  • The printed timeline is unique and makes great take-home memorabilia


There are some puzzles that will require you to stop and think, but hints are always available

You will like this if...

  • You are with a group of beginners
  • You are a couple (2 players)
  • You are experienced and play as 1-2 people
  • You appreciate a well-made room


You might not like this if...

You are in a large group (3+) of experienced players. Do it with fewer, or try it solo!

Recommended number

Beginners: 3-5 players

Experienced: 1-2 players

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