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You enter the mysterious house of a famous magician, in search of his lost secrets. As you continue through the rooms of the house, the doors close behind you and there doesn't seem to be a way back. Is the magician still around? Don't let yourself be tricked or let him screw with your mind. You need to overcome the magician's tricks and escape using your senses. You may lose your sense of time, but remember that you only have 60 minutes to get out! If you don't, the magician will be stuck in your mind forever.

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SEN3ES has a time limit of 60 minutes. We didn't complete it in time with a group of two people, but came really close (and there was one possibly glitchy puzzle where the game master had to give us a work-around).

The introduction to the room was short and sweet, after we mentioned to the host that we'd done PaniQRoom's other escape rooms. We were then taken to the building next door to begin the game.

Stepping into the room made both of us gasp. The decor was fantastic and made the atmosphere feel as mysterious as the website's description led us to expect, and the background sounds added to the experience. It did take us a while to find and solve the first clue, because we really are that terrible at finding things. Also, we have a tendency to overcomplicate matters. (lexi: I had a serious /facepalm moment when we finally worked out how to solve that first puzzle. It was smart, and we tried to be smarter.)

But once we got going, things went pretty smoothly. The rooms were filled with creative puzzles, and yes, we did need to use various senses. We had a lot of fun and there were some great "Ah-hah!" moments.

There was one point in the second room where we wasted quite a bit of time searching for more clues when we'd already solved everything we needed to. We do wish there was some signposting to let us know the puzzle was solved. This is also the possibly glitchy one where the game master had to give us a work-around - we can't be sure if it was us doing something wrong, or if the puzzle genuinely didn't work.

We felt that the hints we received could have been better, though. For example, we were part-way through solving a puzzle and wondered if there was meant to be a pen/marker (due to various elements in the room). We waved to get our game master's attention and asked if there was a marker to write down our working. The response was detailed instructions on how to solve the problem we were currently working through. It's frustrating to be told the method when you already know it!

We don't want to throw too much negativity on our game master - it could be that they were monitoring multiple rooms or were tired, since we played this late on a Sunday night. But the kind of feedback and responses we got did have an impact on our experience because it seemed like our game master didn't quite understand where we were at with the puzzles or what we were struggling with - and the hints were very direct and not in theme.

We should make it clear, your experience will likely vary.

That said, the room itself was excellent, and we'd recommend it to anyone looking for a slightly different escape room experience.

Hint system

Standard hint system of cameras, microphones and in-room audio. However, this is a hard one to call as we suspect our game master that night wasn't tracking our game very closely - perhaps managing multiple games?


Average difficulty - the puzzles are creative but not layered. 


It's called SEN3ES, but who nose...

What we liked

Going through the second room. It was quite different and I liked how they used the main element to great effect.

The way one of the clues was hidden, there was a great moment when I realised what we had to do with one of the items in the room.

Visited on 14 Aug 2016 by pyko and lexi

At a glance

An incredibly atmospheric room with a wide variety of puzzles, though our particular experience was let down a bit by the hints provided




  • The atmosphere. Stepping into the room blew us away!
  • Creative puzzles that make full use of your senses - the second room was especially fun
  • Multiple rooms to progress through, each with a different feel
  • One particularly smart puzzle with a hidden surprise answer


  • One puzzle that gave no clear indication or cues to indicate it had been solved. It may also have been glitchy - we're still not sure if it was us or the puzzle
  • One puzzle where the answer could be ordered in multiple ways, with nothing to indicate the correct order
  • A panic button that could be mistaken for being part of a puzzle (though we understand this probably can't be helped)

You will like this if...

  • You want an experience that varies from the norm (the second room in particular was fantastic)
  • You enjoy more linear rooms
  • You love being a little creeped out

You might not like this if...

  • You're easily spooked

Recommended number

Two to four. The puzzles are quite linear so any more than four would probably leave some members with not much to do.

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